Benicia Amateur Radio Club

One-Day Ham Radio Class – Cancelled due to COVID-19

Prior to the COVID-19 events we conducted these classes on the first Saturday in February, May, and November of each year. This class will take place only if public health and safety conditions permit it and we have sufficient volunteers to staff the event. Check back for updates.

We hope to offer a One-Day Technician Class Ham Radio study session (Ham Cram) to allow more people in the greater Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley to quickly earn their Ham licenses. We encourage CERT members to expand their value to their teams by becoming licensed Amateur Radio Operators.

We also offer a simultaneous One-Day General Class upgrade study course for those who currently possess a Technician License.

Our facilitators have studied the very successful methods used by thousands at Bay Area Educational Amateur Radio Society (BAEARS) sessions and we are proud that we are able to provide a similar experience.

The method was developed in 1995 by John Portune W6NBC to improve the percentage of people passing the exam. See John’s website for information on the design and results from this learning system. This method has helped approximately 6000 people obtain their radio licenses.

This is NOT a class in the normal sense. It is a guided study of six 45-minute reading periods, with breaks and time to grab a lunch nearby. This is the most efficient way to maximize attention span against study fatigue. In other words, we tell you how to study, keep you doing it in an organized way and then give the test as soon as you are finished. It is a proven “winning formula.” Short term memory is the “secret” of the high success rate. All exam questions will be what you study during the session. This is the biggest reason why 90% are easily able to recognize the correct answers immediately after reading the question pool thoroughly, leading to a high pass ratio. Read the many testaments and accolades from prior class attendees.

Those who are under the age of 16 and those with learning disabilities will not do as well with this method. (We have learned that conventional study methods work best for these students.Our One-Day Study Session has an amazing pass rate of 90% or more by adults between the ages of 18 and almost 80. Because this system allows the individual to study at their own pace, it requires the individual be self motivated. No pre-study or preparation required.

The study session, conducted in Benicia, begins at 7:30 AM, provides an hour and fifteen minute break for lunch and ends at 3:45 PM. The day concludes with an exam session at 4:00 P.M and typically takes less than 30 minutes. Grading is done on site by teams of accredited examiners and all participants will have their results before they leave.

The cost is $35, which includes all study material and the FCC exam fee. We also provide free coffee and other refreshments throughout the day to make things easier. Lunch is NOT included but there are 7 restaurants across the street and a list will be provided.

*EXAM ONLY: Although we do not offer study sessions for the Extra Class license level, we do offer all exam levels at 1:00 PM without training sessions, for those who prefer self-study. The cost is $14.00 (test only). Register in advance if you wish to take the 1:00 PM Test Only by making the appropriate selection from the drop-down menu on the Signup page.

Payment is required at registration to guarantee a seat in the class. During the signup process you will be redirected to a secure site for payment from a credit/debit card.

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Registration will open about eight weeks prior to the class date.

If you have any questions, you may email the class registrar at